What is iLasik?

iLASIK has been coined as a phrase when both the Intralase femtosecond laser creates the LASIK flap and the CustomVue VISX laser is used for vision correction. These are the two most advanced and trusted lasers, which is why Christenbury Eye Center uses them exclusively. Any other combination of one or but not the other laser is not iLASIK, and does not provide the same technology nor vision results of iLASIK. We provide you with the best and most advanced laser vision correction available in the world. iLASIK is approved by NASA for astronauts and military fighter pilots and by the FAA for commercial and private pilots.


Advances in LASIK

Eye Tracking

Even when carefully fixating at a blinking light, as one does during laser vision correction, the eye normally makes small movements. Before Eye Tracking these movements were not compensated for by the laser. The CustomVue Visx of iLASIK has an active infrared Eye Tracker that tracks the center of the pupil and moves the vision treatment so it is perfectly aligned in the center of the pupil. Each pulse of the laser is perfectly placed. The Eye Tracker moves more than 10 times faster than the human eye, and is faster than the pulsing of the vision correction laser. Eye tracking has markedly increased the accuracy of laser vision correction, and gives patients confidence that there is nothing they do during the treatment that affects the visual outcome.

Intralase for Flap Creation

In 2001, Dr. Christenbury was the first on the East Coast to switch from a mechanical method of making the LASIK flap to a laser that creates the LASIK flap. This technique eliminates the majority of previously reported LASIK complications. Christenbury Eye Center only offers the most advanced and safest CustomVue iLASIK.

Although there are several other lasers to create the LASIK flap, the Intralase femtosecond laser is the most tried and true femtosecond laser. In Dr. Christenbury’s opinion, the Intralase creates the most accurate LASIK flap, improves patient comfort, and provides quicker vision recovery. The Intralase laser pulses from 60,000 to 150,000 times a second and separates tissue with tiny bubbles ‐ microns in size. This gentle process takes approximately 20 seconds. iLASIK provides the most comfort and quicker visual recovery than any other vision correction

Larger Optical Treatment Zones

During the comprehensive evaluation, we carefully measure your pupil size in the dark, medium, and bright light. It is important that the treatment zone of the procedure is slightly larger than the “scotopic” or night time pupil size. We measure the pupils simultaneously with a device accurate within two tenths of a millimeter (mm). Dr. Christenbury uses excimer lasers, which allow treatment zones to be larger than the pupil at night. This ensures the best quality night vision, and halos around lights at night are now very rare and usually temporary. Most patients will volunteer that their night vision is now better after iLASIK than it was with glasses or contact lenses.

iLASIK “Wavemapping Testing” and Wavefront Custom Treatments

There are optical aberrations, or optical errors in the eye that glasses and contact lenses do not correct. Non‐custom, or “custom adjusted” lasers do not measure these optical aberrations prior to LASIK nor correct them. If your procedure is performed by a system other than iLASIK there is nothing custom about the treatment related to your specific eye’s optical system. Non‐custom lasers are less expensive to use by the vision correction center, but are not best for your visual outcome and quality of vision. The data entered into these non‐custom lasers are the same measurements used to fit glasses and contact lenses, so there is nothing custom about your treatment – you would receive the same treatment as the next person with the same prescription.

CustomVue iLasik involves a highly advanced FDA approved Wavescan instrument which accurately measures the amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The Wavescan also measures “higher order aberrations,” which are optical errors that glasses, contact lenses, and other lasers cannot correct. Every eye is different, and every eye has a different wavemap across the pupil. The Wavescan measures these wavefront errors and generates a custom treatment, which is unique to each eye. With CustomVue iLASIK the majority of patients say they see better after iLASIK, including night vision, than with glasses or contact lenses. CustomVue Wavefront Visx treatments especially help night vision, since any wavefront aberrations are the main cause of night vision complaints.

How do you know if you are about to receive a Wavefront CustomVue iLASIK treatment? Ask to see the actual wavemap of your eyes, and ask if this generates a custom treatment that is downloaded into the laser. At Christenbury Eye Center you are welcome to tour our facility, view our laser suite, and even watch an iLASIK procedure!


Iris Registration

When a Wavescan is performed an iris fingerprint is taken simultaneously and electronically attached to the Custom designed treatment for your eye. The iris fingerprint or IR (iris recognition) uses up to 24 points to identify unique points on your iris, and no two irises are alike. Prior to treatment, the laser takes its own iris fingerprint and compares it to your Wavescan iris fingerprint, to identify you. You cannot receive another patient’s treatment. No other vision correction laser has this feature. Cyclorotation is also very important. Cyclorotation is when you move from standing or sitting up to lying‐down your head or eye can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. This causes a misalignment of your eye compared to when you were upright. The Iris Registration uses the same iris fingerprint to measure as little as a degree of rotation and rotates your Custom treatment to match. This is especially important in astigmatism correction accuracy, which has an “axis” or direction of treatment. As little as three degrees of rotation can under correct the astigmatism correction 10 percent or more. Other lasers do not have any of these functions and therefore are not as accurate in correcting astigmatism.


Not a LASIK Candidate?

You may have been evaluated and told you were not a LASIK candidate. Dr. Christenbury sees patients every week who are excellent candidates for LASIK who had thought or been told they were not good candidates by other centers. We perform the most advanced diagnostic testing, will determine if you are a true candidate for LASIK, and do not recommend LASIK to those who are not candidates. If you are too nearsighted for LASIK, have a thin cornea, or other issues, you may be a Visian ICL candidate. Dr. Christenbury encourages you to be re‐evaluated and find out if the most advanced technologies available will allow you to become free from glasses and contact lense. Dr. Christenbury has corrected myopia as high as ‐20 D.

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You and Your Vision

You deserve the best vision possible with the most advanced iLASIK procedure performed by the most experienced LASIK surgeon – Dr. Christenbury. With our Vision Today program you can fit iLASIK into your busy schedule – have your free personal consultation with Dr. Christenbury and the iLASIK procedure the same day!

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